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Bromley pageant of motoring 2021

I know I put this up on the Facebook page but i want to make sure it hits here and the admin of here see it as it would be best from here as we have a signed up membership method and those of us who have opted for the paid membership have membership numbers to confirm we are part of the club.

Have there been any meets arranged by the group? I know this year is basically a white wash but I was looking at a car show I normally take the family to and found out that they have owners club sections and the admission is a fraction of the price of normal gate entry. Would it be something the club admin would be able to arrange? Is there any interest from other members to beet up next year for the Bromley pageant of motoring? It’s planned for Sunday 13th June 2021. Normal entry is £17 each but if someone can register the club and sort it, it’s only £7 for 2 adults and 2 children.
If admin require any help please let me know as I would be interested in seeing some of these vehicles in the flesh and with all the help that you fellow members offer it would be nice to say thank you. It may also be a good place if anyone has any spares to shift or is looking for something.
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Following on from yesterday mentioning about arranging a meet for next years Bromley Pageant of motoring, I have today received confirmation of the clubs registration. The link for ticket purchases is you will need an access code to get in, at the moment I will provide this via PM so we can see what sort of numbers we are looking at.
Please see the below extract from the email for prices. Normal admission is £17 an adult on foot at the gate so to get 2 adults, 2 children and dedicated parking inside for £8.14 seems good to me.
Look forward to hearing from some of you soon and seeing you next year!

The price is £7 per vehicle (+ £1.14 Eventbrite booking fee). Each vehicle pass allows entry for 2 adults and 2 children aged 5-15 (under 5’s are free). Your members can also buy additional tickets for passengers if needed using your club access code. There is no minimum or maximum limit on clubs (the more the merrier!) and you will be able to book right up until bookings close at Midnight on 6th June 2021.

All vehicles will receive a commemorative show plaque.
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Colin Birch
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I've edited you post so that the ticket link can now be clicked on.

Colin Birch - CF-UK Admin
Pontypridd, S.Wales
The Bedford CF Web Site

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Thank you for that. I know it’s a year away but hope to see some of you there!
FYI This is a vehicle type meet and not a club meet so although it is allowed by the forum it is not organised or run by them p. It was been listed as Bedford cf owners and is open to anyone with a cf regardless of group or forum. This has been posted elsewhere but if anyone can think of any other groups that would be interested please feel free to direct the information or pass on my details for the access and log in code
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